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Healthlines: A Student Health & Psychological Services Newsletter


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Healthlines is a monthly health and wellness newsletter published by the SUNY Plattsburgh Student Health and Counseling Center.

Each issue includes health and wellness-related articles written by center staff, student interns and faculty/staff, and a monthly calendar of events.

Healthlines Q&A:  Send Us Your Questions!

Students, Faculty and Staff of the SUNY Plattsburgh Community,

If you have questions for our medical staff, mental health counselors or health education staff, e-mail them to with the subject line "Healthlines Q&A."  A member of our staff will respond to your questions which will be published in our monthly newsletter, Healthlines.  When sending your questions, please only include your first name and Residence Hall or City for those who live off campus, or sign 'anonymous' if you wish.  Examples of appropriate topics are alcohol
and/or other drugs, sexual health, medications, illnesses, stress, any other health and/or mental health issues, or our services in general. Feel free to ask us anything that you think we may be able to help you with, and we will do our best to respond.  No question is stupid!  Chances are someone else wants to know the same thing, so ask away!

Please understand that this is educational in nature and we do not intend for this service to be used as a subsitute for appropriate medical care.

Contact Information

Telephone :

  • Student Health: (518) 564-2187
  • AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) Services: (518) 564-2291
  • Counseling Services: (518) 564-3086
  • Emergency Services: Call 911 or University Police at (518) 564-2022
  • Toll-Free: (866) 858-4089

Fax :

  • Health Center (518) 564-2188
  • AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) Services: (518) 564-4849.
  • Counseling Services (518) 564-2376


Mailing Address

Student Health and Counseling Center
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901