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Healthcare Rights and Responsibilities for SUNY Plattsburgh Students

The Student Health division of the Student Health and Counseling Center is concerned with your health and wellness. As one of our patients, you have rights and responsibilities.

Student Rights

  • You have the right to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • You have the right to be provided appropriate privacy.
  • Your disclosures and records will be treated confidentially, and you will be given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release, except when release is required by law.
  • You will be provided, to the degree known, complete information concerning your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.  When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to you, the information will be provided to a person you designate, or a legally authorized person.
  • You will be given the opportunity to participate in decisions involving your health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons.
  • Information is available to you and our staff concerning:
    • Your rights, including those specified above;
    • Your conduct, responsibilities and participation;
    • Our Center’s services and provisions for after-hours and emergency care;
    • Our fees for service and payment policies;
    • Your right to refuse to participate in research;
    • The credentials of our Center’s health care professionals;
    • Your right to change providers, if another qualified provider is available;
    • Your right to file a grievance or express suggestions.

Student Responsibilities

  • You have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to the best of your ability about your health, medications, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements, and any allergies or sensitivities.
  • You have the responsibility to follow your treatment plan as prescribed by your provider and to participate in your care.
  • You are financially responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance.
  • You have the responsibility to be respectful of all the health care professionals and staff, as well as other patients.

Contact Information

Telephone :

  • Student Health: (518) 564-2187
  • Counseling Services: (518) 564-3086
  • Emergency Services: Call 911 or University Police at (518) 564-2022

Fax :

  • Health Center (518) 564-2188
  • Counseling Services (518) 564-2376


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Student Health and Counseling Center
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901