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Photo of Banks Hall

Banks Residence Hall

About Banks Hall

Banks Halls was named in memory of Dr. Marie Banks, professor of home economics. Dr. Banks served as a member of the faculty for more than 22 years.

A Convenient Central Location

Banks Halls is a nine story high-rise, coed building arranged in corridor style.

Each floor has a study lounge, storage and/or bike room and floor lounge.

A main entrance on the first floor South side makes for easy access to all areas of the building.

Many of the students find the hall's location a very convenient aspect of living in Banks.


The first floor houses the residence hall director's office, pay telephones, and a lounge with television, vending machines, and a kitchenette area.

Banks residents get their mail from the centrally located mailroom in Whiteface Hall, the adjacent residence hall. In the basement, there is a study lounge and a laundry room that is fully equipped with washers and dryers.

Fun Things to Do Near Banks Hall

Banks is joined to Algonquin Dining Hall, Adirondack and Whiteface, the two adjacent residence halls, by an underground tunnel. This amenity is especially appreciated during the winter months. Another attractive feature of Banks is its proximity to the Feinberg Library, the Angell College Center, and several academic facilities.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about housing or residence life at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Housing & Residence Life Office
Office: Algonquin Hall 103
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
Phone: (518) 564-3824
Email: [email protected]