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Intramural Indoor Basketball Rules

General Information

  1. ID cards will be collected from each player. Score keepers will check ID's against approved roster and place names on score sheet. NO ID-NO PLAY. Players are to pick up their ID at end of game.
  2. Score keepers will keep track of fouls (team and individual), the running score and time. Do not hover over the scorers and distract them.
  3. A floor captain must be designed for each team. They alone may discuss problems with the officials. Remember, "zero tolerance" for talking to officials. Clear up any problems prior to the start of each game particularly questions concerning eligibility of players.
  4. Please notify the intramural coordinator if rims are broken or nets need to be replaced.
  5. Teams must wear numbered jerseys of same color or pinnies will be provided.


5 on 5

  1. Two 20 minute halves; continuous running time except for time-outs and the last two minutes of each half. The last two minutes will be timed according to regulation play.
  2. Tied games: one five minute overtime period running time. If game remains a tie after overtime period, tie will stand. Each team may have one time out in overtime period.
  3. Five individual fouls removes a player from play.
  4. The sixth team foul begins the bonus free throw situation (1-1)
  5. Foul shot lane violation: players may move into the paint after a foul shot only after the ball has made contact with the rim.
  6. Four time outs per game per team. Time outs not used during regulation play may not be carried over into overtime.
  7. There will be a jump ball to start the game. Alternated possession rule will be in effect for the remainder of the game.
  8. Substitutes must report to the scorer and wait for a dead ball before entering the game. No substitutes on the fly. (Technical)
  9. Mercy rule: If a team is winning by 30 or more points with 10 minutes or less left, the winning team automatically wins and the game is over. If both teams wish to continue playing they can do so, but the official game is over.

3 on 3

  1. The game will be played on a half court by two teams of three players. A minimum of three players is necessary to start a game, however a game can be continued with two players if necessary.
  2. Each game will be two 12 minute halves, with a three minute halftime.
  3. The clock will run continuously except during timeouts and the last minute of the second half.
  4. Each team may call one 60 second timeout per half.
  5. A coin toss will determine starting possession.
  6. Foul shots will be awarded in the same manner as indoor regulation basketball games. Five individual fouls removes a player from the game. Six team fouls and beyond in a half will result in an additional foul shot and possession of ball to the offended team. The clock will run during foul shots, therefore a technical foul may be given at the ref’s discretion due to a player getting into position too slowly.
  7. Substitutes must report to the scorer and wait for a dead ball before entering the game. No substitution on the fly.
  8. After every change of possession, the offensive team must take the ball outside the three point line to check. The ball must be passed before a shot is taken.
  9. Dunking or grabbing the rim or net is not allowed before, during, or after the games. Players will automatically be ejected from the playing area.
  10. Made baskets will be awarded the same point values as indoor regulation basketball games, and result in a change of possession.
  11. In the event a playoff game ends in a tie, a three minute period will be played with the clock stopping on every whistle and made basket. Each team will receive one 60 second timeout in each playoff period. If the game is still tied after the first overtime, a second overtime will be played using the same rules.

Rules Updated 6/14


Contact Information

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