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Outdoor Intramural Soccer Rules


All Players must present a valid SUNY Plattsburgh ID to be eligible to play.

Team Size

  1. Six players constitute a full team, including a goalkeeper. Teams may start and finish a game with a minimum of 5 players. If after the start of a game a team can not field a minimum of 4 players, then they will be given a loss.  
  2. In CoRec, a team may play with any combination of the following players: 3/3, 3/2 of any gender.


Teams may substitute on the fly, substitutions must take place within 10 yards of the mid field line. All goalie substitutions must be reported to a field official.

Game Time

  1. The team winning the toss will have the choice of ends of the field or the kickoff.
  2. The game will consist of 25 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime. Team must arrive ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled game time, or else a forfeit will be declared. There are no time-outs.

Equipment/Ground Rules

  1. The use of dangerous equipment is prohibited.  Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times. No metal or screw-in cleats allowed. Small rubber molded cleats may be worn. Shinguards are strongly recommended, but not provided.
  2. Pinnies will be available and must be worn unless a team has matching jerseys, so the officials can differentiate between the teams. Goalkeepers must wear a distinguishing jersey color.
  3. The ball shall be considered in play unless the referee sounds the whistle or the ball has completely crossed a goal line or touchline whether on the ground or in the air.
  4. Each team shall designate to the officials a field captain. The captain will represent the team in all dealings with the officials.
  5. Players are prohibited from wearing hats (stocking caps are acceptable), any form of jewelry, casts, wooden or metal splints, or bracelets of any kind unless approved in writing by the Director of Intramural and Recreational Sports.

Free Kicks/Throw-Ins

  1. On all free kicks the kicker’s opponent must remain at least 7 yards from the ball until it is put into play, i.e. travels 27 inches. Any motion towards the ball by a defender before the offense puts the ball into play is considered encroachment. Failure to heed an official’s warning will result in a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. When a player is taking a goal kick, a direct free kick or an indirect free kick while in his penalty box: All opponents must remain outside the penalty box until the ball has left the box. The ball must travel beyond the box before another player may touch it.
  3. Direct Free Kicks and Corner Kicks: A goal may be scored directly (played by only one player).
  4. Indirect free kicks, goal kicks, and kick-offs: A goal may be scored only after the ball has touched two players of either team.
  5. Throw In: Both feet must be on the ground. The ball must be thrown straight over the head. The ball must touch another player before entering the goal.

Special Intramural Rules

  1. There will be no offside, except during the kick-off.
  2. The goalkeeper may not drop kick or punt the ball at any time, it must be played at their feet or thrown.  The penalty is an indirect free kick at mid-field.
  3. No slide tackling will be allowed. Any player using a slide tackle (in the judgment of the official) will receive a yellow card.
  4. Goalkeeper outside of goalie area handball will result in direct free kick.
  5. Any foul will result in a free kick unless:
    1. It prevented a goal from being scored;
    2. The severity of the foul demands a stiffer penalty as determined by the judgment of the official. In both cases, a penalty kick will be allowed.
  6. Penalty shots are unobstructed direct free kicks taken from the penalty spot, 10 yards from the goal.
  7. All players other than the designated kicker must be behind the shooter. A missed penalty shot will be a dead ball and play is restarted from mid-field with an indirect free kick for the team that missed the penalty shot.
  8. 8. All handballs are direct kicks.
  9. 9. Due to time limitations, the ball must be put into play within 5 seconds.

The following yellow / red card system will be used:

  • A player receiving a yellow card must sit out for two minutes of playing time. The entire two minutes of playing time must be served regardless of the developments on the field. The player serving the penalty period cannot be substituted, therefore his/her team plays shorthanded. The official will note the time of the infraction and release the penalized player when the penalty period has expired.
  • A yellow card will be given to a player by the official or supervisor for misconduct; a second yellow card issued to the individual results in an ejection from the game. Two successive games with yellow cards will disqualify that player for the next game. Three yellow cards, one red card and two yellows, or two red cards will disqualify that player for the rest of the season.
  • A red card will be given to a player by the official or supervisor for severe misconduct (fighting, verbal or physical abuse of an official or supervisor) and results in an immediate ejection.
  • The team will be minus the player(s) ejected.


A direct free kick, or penalty kick (should the offense occur in the penalty area) shall be given to the opposing team if a player:

  • Kicks an opponent.
  • Trips an opponent.
  • Jumps into an opponent.
  • Charges.
  • Charges from behind.
  • Strikes, hits, elbows.
  • Holds or pushes.
  • Touches the ball with his hands.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct.  7/08
  • Intentionally sliding into an opposing player.
  • Ejection (Red Card).

An indirect free kick shall be awarded when an opponent:

  • Plays in a dangerous manner.
  • Charges fairly, but when the ball is not in playing distance.
  • Obstruction.
  • Charges the goalkeeper.
  • A goalkeeper takes more than 4 steps.
  • Delay of game.
  • Caution (Yellow Card).
  • Illegal substitution.
  • Persistent infringing of the rules of the game.
  • Dissent by action or word.
  • Foul / Abusive language.
  • Persistent misconduct after receiving caution.

League Standings Point System

Points shall be awarded for each game on the following basis:

  • Win: 2 points
  • Tie: 1 point
  • Loss: points

End of Season Tie-Breakers: At the end of the season, if any teams in a division are tied in points, the following procedure shall be used to determine the final standings:

  1. Overall Record.
  2. Head-to-Head Competition.


Overtime: After completing the regulation time and the score is tied, the teams will play a 5-minute period (not sudden death). If the score is still tied after one overtime period, the teams will play one additional sudden victory overtime period with no goalies.

Rules updated 8/16


Contact Information

Karen Waterbury, Recreational Sports Associate Director
312 Memorial Hall
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-4150
Fax: (518) 564-4155