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Intramural Softball Rules

General Information

  1. Decision to postpone games is not made until 1/2 hour before the games start each day. Do not call before then (4149)
  2. Players must supply their own gloves
  3. Ten players on a field at a time. May play one short without forfeit.
  4. Team captains are responsible to hand to the opposing team a batting order at the beginning of the game if the opposing team requests a batting order. If a question arises as to batting order, it can only be settled if both teams have exchanged batting orders and notified each other of changes.
  5. Shoes: All players must wear shoes.  Baseball  cleats permissible. No metal spikes.  Please do not wear cleats inside the building.
  6. A captain must be designed for each team. They alone may discuss problems with the officials. Remember, "zero tolerance" for talking to officials. Clear up any problems prior to the start of each game particularly questions concerning eligibility of players.
  7. Games will be 6 innings or one hour whichever comes first. Full innings must be played. Ties will stand.
  8. ID - Roster checks may be conducted at any time.
  9. After 3  innings, games that are stopped due to weather, field conditions or other forces  of nature will be considered official at the point they are called.  Games that have not reached 3 innings will be restarted at the the exact score, runners on base, number of outs at the moment the game is postponed.  (Exception: If winning team is at bat at the  bottom of 3rd inning and game is called, the game will stand.)  Any games postponed will be rescheduled and information on the rescheduled games will be sent  to all captains, game staff and posted on intramural  softball schedule on web.


  1. Infield fly rule: Runners on first and second with less than two outs. MUST BE CALLED BY THE UMPIRE IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Runner hit by batted ball - OUT
  3. Thrown bat: automatic out for the batter
  4. No phantom tags (fake tags without the ball) - Runner gets one base.
  5. Obstruction is the act of a fielder not in possession of the ball and/or a fielder in the act of fielding the ball that impedes the progress of a base runner that is legally running the bases - runner given the base they are running to, plus one.
  6. No bunting: Called a strike
  7. No leading: No leaving the base until the ball is hit. Runner leaving the base early - OUT
  8. No stealing
  9. Sliding permissible. Sliding into fielder, runner automatically out.
  10. Overthrown into foul territory - one base
  11. Arc of pitch must be 6' - 12' above the ground
  12. Flat pitches are to be called immediately. If the batter elects to try to hit the flat pitch and misses - called a strike. If the batter hits a flat pitch, ball in play.
  13. Strike is called if the pitch has a legal arc and if any portion of ball hits the mat.
  14. Batters box (draw box in the dirt) - No running forward, stepping on or over home plate - batter out.
  15. Catchers not allowed  to block home plate.  If catcher blocks home plate, runner automatically scores.
  16. Only one foul ball is allowed to a batter with a two-strike count. Second foul ball - out.
  17. A ten run rule will be in effect after four complete innings of play. Game over.
  18. A maximum of 10 runs per inning allowed per team.



Contact Information

Karen Waterbury, Recreational Sports Associate Director
312 Memorial Hall
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-4150
Fax: (518) 564-4155