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Intramural Volleyball Rules

General Information

  1. No Varsity intercollegiate players are eligible to participate. If they dressed for one intercollegiate game - ineligible
  2. A team may only have one 5th year varsity per team. This is an intercollegiate player who has participated 4 years within the intercollegiate program and is still a student
  3. A team must have a 3M-3F on  floor.  If a team plays one short they must have a 2-3 ratio.   If other team agrees to play with less than 5  on  floor a 2M-2F ratio must be on floor.
  4. A floor captain must be designed for each team. They alone may discuss problems with the officials. Remember, "zero tolerance" for harassing officials. Clear up any problems prior to the start of each game particularly questions concerning eligibility of players
  5. ID-Roster checks may be conducted at anytime
  6. Sneakers required; No black soled sneakers
  7. Knee pads are strongly recommended
  8. Rally scoring will be used. A point is awarded on each rally regardless of which team is serving. Games will be 21 points in a best 2 of 3 format. The last game is only played to 15 points. Team must have two point advantage to win
  9. Teams change courts at end of each game
  10. Choice for first serve or side will be determined by a volley



  1. The ball must be clearly and legally hit by either bump, set or spike.
    1. Carrying: Any ball hit underhand with an open palm
    2. Carrying: Any spiker contacting the ball behind the head and continue on for a spike
    3. Push: Any player pushing the ball at chest level
  2. If a ball hits the net on the serve and goes over, ball is in play
    1. The first receiver of a serve must bump the ball
    2. On the serve, the server may step over the back court line
  3. Fouls
    1. Touching the net.
    2. Stepping over the centerline: on the line is not a foul
    3. Spiker reaching over the net to spike
    4. Blocker is allowed to reach over the net for a block as long as there is no downward movement to the block and the net is not touched
    5. Spiker may follow through across the net as long as the ball was originally contacted on their side of the net and the net is not touched during the follow through
    6. Double hit
    7. Ball hitting on a boundary line is good
  4. Player Positions: After the ball is served, players may move from their respective positions. Exception: A back line player may come to the net for a save. If they come to the net for a spike, the feet must leave the ground from behind the 10' line
  5. Rotation substitution can be used, but must be maintained throughout the game once started. Co-Ed volleyball (3 men/3 women on the court) must substitute male for male; female for female
  6. If a team is playing one short, a team may not exceed 3 players of the same sex on the court
  7. Out of bounds
    1. Beyond the court lines or walls
    2. Any part of raised baskets, ceiling or light fixtures:  Exception:  if the ball comes back to same side after hitting the ceiling, raised baskets or  lights, that team can continue to play ball
  8. Replay: The official should direct a play over if a loose ball is on the court from another game that may cause danger or interferes with the play

Contact Information

Karen Waterbury, Recreational Sports Associate Director
312 Memorial Hall
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-4150
Fax: (518) 564-4155
Email: [email protected]