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Green Fee

The Green Fee gives each Plattsburgh student an opportunity to help the environment by encouraging initiatives that support campus sustainability. This process is overseen by the Campus Committee on Environmental Responsibility, a group of students, faculty, administrators and other employees who help to implement these projects. Almost half of our students at Plattsburgh contribute.

Over the past three years, the green fee supported the student vegetable garden, a student bike shop, led lights, recycling bins, new bike racks, signage in Rugar Woods, the bio-diesel fuel project, and several other initiatives.

While we are still in the early years of implementation, the projects funded from the Green Fee show every sign of providing tangible improvements that foster campus sustainability. It is a program designed by students for students.

Semester Year
$3.00 $6.00

Contact Information

For more information about the SUNY Plattsburgh green fee, please contact:

Lauren Eastwood
Email: [email protected]