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Medical Insurance (Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan)

All full-time, matriculated, domestic students are automatically enrolled in SUNY Plattsburgh's medical insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. However, all (1) domestic, matriculated, part-time; (2) non-matriculated; and (3) branch campus students taking at least one course on their campus are eligible to enroll in this plan.

Download Student Health Plan Brochure (2017-18) (PDF file size 855 KB). Note: this document requires Acrpbat Reader, which is available as a free download.

2017-2018 Academic Term Period Rates and Coverage Dates

  Annual Cost
(8/15/17 - 8/15/18)
Fall Semester
(8/15/17 - 1/14/18)
(1/15/18 - 8/15/18)
Full-time undergraduate student only $  2,300.00 $  1,150.00 $  1,150.00
Part-time and graduate student - voluntary 2,300.00 1,150.00 1,150.00
Spouse only 2,180.00 1,090.00 1,090.00
One child 2,180.00 1,090.00 1,090.00
Two or more children 4,360.00 2,180.00 2,180.00
Spouse and two or more children 6,540.00 3,270.00 3,270.00

Our student medical insurance carrier is through UnitedHealthcare (UHC).

Waiving Coverage Under This Plan

To waive coverage under this plan you need to apply for a waiver on the insurance company's website. After you log into MyPlattsburgh follow the instructions below:

  • Click Student Services tab at the top
  • Go to the Student Accounts group which is to the right of Registrar and Financial Aid
  • Click Medical Insurance / Waiver just underneath the Student Accounts group heading 

Follow the instructions, complete, and then submit the waiver. You will receive an email notifying you if your waiver has been approved.

Please note: the due date for submitting waivers for fall semester is September 30 and the due date for submitting waivers for spring semester is March 1.

Contact Information

For more information about SUNY Plattsburgh's student medical insurance plan, please contact:

Ashlie Wilson
Phone: (800) 289-1501 ext. 2164

Sheila Gilroy
Phone: (800) 289-1501 ext. 2157