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MyPlattsburgh Guest Accounts

Parents of SUNY Plattsburgh Students

Create a guest account for your parents. This account lets them make a payment and view your bill, financial aid, aid requirements, and instructions. Guest account users will receive email reminders when there are billing and aid requirements you need to satisfy. Other features of MyPlattsburgh such as registration information and email correspondence are not available via a guest account. Students can create a guest account by assigning a username and password for each individual they wish to grant access.

Getting Started

To create a guest account, your student should:

  1. Login to MyPlattsburgh
  2. Click the [Student Services] tab at the top of the screen
  3. Look for the [Student Accounts] group of links near the lower right corner of the screen 
  4. Click the [Create/Update Guest Accounts] option
  5. Inform each guest account user of his/her login email address and password

Accessing Your Guest Account

General Information About Your Bill

Students, parents, relatives or friends may choose from the follow documents.

Note: these documents require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, which is available as a free download.


By creating a guest account, the student:

  • Willingly gives each person the authority to access - but not change - the following information about his/her account at SUNY Plattsburgh:
    • Account Summary with Aid
    • Financial aid awarded to you
    • Outstanding requirements that I need to complete for my financial aid.
  • Allows each person given access to make payments toward his/her bill.
  • Permits each individual to view and pay his/her account online, by phone, or at a service window in the Student Accounts Office.
  • Authorizes the release of his/her financial information to each individual given access.
  • Understands that this guest account will remain active until/unless he/she inactivates the account.
  • Acknowledges that only he/she can assign a new password or update passwords for each individual.
  • Authorizes Student Accounts and Financial Aid staff to send email reminders to each individual regarding any billing and financial aid requirements.
  • Allows Student Accounts and Financial Aid staff the right to see the password assigned for each person given access in order to verify that this person is indeed authorized to ask questions about the student's account or to make a payment on the student's account.


Contact Information

Student Accounts
Phone: (518) 564-3120
Fax: (518) 564-3116

Mailing Address:
SUNY Plattsburgh
Student Accounts, 101 Kehoe Administration Building
101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901