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Residence Hall Room Rates


  • The standard double rate for 2017-2018 is $3,970 per semester. Students residing in a non-renovated building (Adirondack, Kent, Whiteface) will receive a $180 discount per semester.
  • If a double is occupied by one student, we refer to this as a double-as-single. Double-as-single rooms are only available when all students can be accommodated in doubles.
  •  If a double is occupied by three students, we refer to this as a triple room. In a triple, all furnishings can be "tripled" with the exception of closets because they are built-in. Each student will have 1/3 of closet space unless all students in a room agree on other arrangements.
  • Vacation housing applies to any night before or after occupancy dates defined in the official Academic Calendar. The cost of vacation housing is $15 per person per night. Students must contact the Housing & Residence Life office to determine if vacation housing is available.


Building Name Standard Single Standard Double Double as Single Triple (In Double) Suite Double Suite Single
Adirondack (substance free) $4,140 $3,790 $4,500 $3,790*
Adirondack (senior/graduate floors) —  $4,500  —  — 
$4,320 $3,970 $4,680 $3,970* $3,970 $4,320
Harrington (upperclass) $4,320 $3,970  $4,680 $3,970* —  — 
Kent $4,140 $3,790 $4,500 $3,790*
Macomb Not available for the 2017-2018 academic year. Closed for renovations.     
Mason $4,320 $3,970 $4,680 $3,970* —  — 


Building Name Standard Single Standard Double Double as Single Triple (In Double)
Banks Closed for the 2017-2018 academic year

Whiteface (1st year program)

$3,790 $4,500 $3,790*
Wilson (1st year program)  $4,320  $3,970  $4,680  $3,970*


Building Name Double as Single Triple (In Double) Suite Double Suite Single
deFredenburgh $4,680 $3,970 $3,970 — 
Hood $4,680 $3,970 $3,970 $4,320
Moffitt $4,680 $3,970 $3,970 $4,320

 Refund Schedule for Residence Hall Room Rates

Date Belongings are Removed from Room First 8 Weeks Second 8 Weeks
Room Rent 50% 0%
Hall Council Dues 50% 0%
Washer/Dryer, Equipment 50% 0%



In situations where all students who are requesting housing cannot be accommodated in double occupancy rooms, emergency triples (i.e., double rooms occupied by three people) may be assigned. Credits for fall semester triples are applied to spring invoices for continuing students. The credit will be a maximum of $500. Once there is space on campus to accommodate all students in double rooms the Housing & Residence Life office will communicate that date to students. This date will be used to establish the amount of refund to be credited to students as follows:

Begin Date End Date Status
Aug. 26, 2017 Sept. 2, 2017 No Refund
Sept. 3, 2017 Sept. 23, 2017 $125
Sept. 24, 2017 Oct. 21, 2017 $250
Oct. 22, 2017 Nov. 18, 2017 $375
Nov. 19, 2017 Dec. 16, 2017 $500

Students electing to stay in a triple room after the date established by the Housing & Residence Life office will not be eligible for any additional refund.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about housing or residence life at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Trisha Pellerin, Assistant Director of Housing
Housing & Residence Life Office
Algonquin Hall 103
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
Phone: (518) 564-3824