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These rates are based on a resolution proposed by the Chancellor of The State University of New York and approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees on June 21, 2017. Final adoption of these rates will occur after a 45-day public comment period in the New York State Register and the adoption by the Board of Trustees of a resolution authorizing final rulemaking in late September 2017.

Full-time for tuition purposes is 12 or more credit hours per semester.

Under new federal and state regulations, certain veterans and their dependents are eligible for in-state tuition at public colleges. If you are a veteran, or dependent of a veteran, and you are being charged an out-of-state tuition rate, you may be eligible for the in-state rate. If you believe you qualify, please submit a Certificate of Eligibility or a Form DD214 to Larry Allen, Director of Student Conduct and Student Veteran Support.

Description Hourly Full-Time/Semester Full-Time/Year
Undergraduate In-State (Standard) $ 278 $ 3,335 $  6,670
Undergraduate In-State (Excelsior) [1] n/a $3,235 $ 6,470
Undergraduate Out-of-State (Standard) [3] $ 680 $ 8,160 $ 16,320
Undergraduate Out-of-State (Online) [2] $ 333 $ 4,000 $ 8,000
Graduate In-State $ 453 $ 5,435 $ 10,870
Graduate Out-of-State (Standard) [3] $ 925 $ 11,105 $ 22,210
Graduate Out-of-State (Online) [2] $ 543 $ 6,520 $ 13,040


  1. Students who are both eligible for, and recipients of, an Excelsior Scholarship from the State of New York are to be charged the resident undergraduate rate of tuition approved by the Board of Trustees in the 2016-2017 academic year. These students must be enrolled full-time in the fall and spring semesters. For more information about the Excelsior Scholarship, visit
  2. A distance learning non-resident is defined as "A student enrolled at a State University of New York (SUNY) State-operated campus who: (a) for a given term is enrolled exclusively in online distance learning course(s); and (b) has not had an address within the boarders of New York State at any point within July 1st and June 30th of a given State-operated campus fiscal year. Campuses will determine whether a student meets the requirements by requiring documentation, as needed, to demonstrate compliance and to ensure that this definition is narrowly tailored to online-only non-resident students with no physical presence in New York."
  3. If you are an out-of-state student, you may be eligible for in state tuition. Read more.

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