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Best Practices for Faculty Use of Cardinal Cloud Hangouts

  • Clarify for your students under what circumstances they can expect you to respond to a Google Hangouts invitation.
  • Don't forget that some session participants may not have access to a webcam and/or microphone: keep the chat window open, and watch for comments.
  • Be flexible in scheduling sessions, and consider that your hangout participants may not all be available at your preferred time. Give your participants a few minutes to connect after you send out the invitation.
  • Be prepared to break your class into small groups for Google Hangout sessions: you cannot connect with more than 9 Hangout participants at a time, and bandwidth issues may make it impractical to connect with more than 4 or 5.
  • As you invite students to your session, watch for the "In your domain" icon () distinguish between students from SUNY Plattsburgh and other users with the same name: campus users will all have the "In your domain" icon appear after their names.
  • If you are using the tool to bring a remote guest speaker to a classroom, ensure that you've tested the connection in the classroom before the class session begins.
  • Encourage participants who are not speaking to mute their microphones. Similarly, if a lone member of the group is presenting to the others, the other participants may be encouraged to turn off their cameras.
  • Ensure that background noises do not become disruptive: turn off radios, TVs, and cell phones before entering a session.
  • It is unlikely that technical issues can be dealt with in real time: if one or more participants encounters a problem, reschedule with that participant and carry on with the rest.
  • If you run into technical problems, contact the Computing Helpdesk at (x4433) or [email protected]

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