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Are there any training materials available?

Because Cardinal Cloud is powered by Google Apps for Education, many individuals are already familiar with the Email, Calendar, and Drive interfaces. However, we understand new things can be intimidating at first and some people love to read as much as they can on new tools and products before using them. Google's Apps Training site is superb for this sort of thing. There are all sorts of tutorials, step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful videos to show you how the products work and what you can expect. If you're looking for a good place to start, we recommend checking out Getting Started - Your First Days with Google Apps.

Note: At first we are focusing on rolling out three to four core services for our users at SUNY Plattsburgh. We are starting with Email, Calendar, and Contacts. These three are closely related and interact with eachother seamlessly. The fourth app we want to roll out for our users is Drive, which will give everybody 30gb of cloud space shared between their email and drive. What does this mean for you? No more quota problems!

It also means that in the near future we will be providing desktop setups with Cardinal Cloud Drive already configured, so all your documents and important files will be saved there (yes, this will be replacing the current MyFiles app). If you are a faculty or staff member, not only does this mean you can access them remotely from anywhere when you sign in with your SUNY Plattsburgh account, it also means that when we repair your computer or process an upgrade for you that the turn around time will be faster. This is because we have to migrate less files. Your email and files will already be in the Cardinal Cloud!

What about these other services Google Apps has training materials for?

As we stated, at first we will be working on rolling out these four services. Once these services are out and have been adopted by the majority of users on campus we will be looking at other products offered by Google Apps that might be useful for the campus community. We ask that you be patient during this process as we help those that this transition may make a larger impact on.

Also, you may also come across a notice indicating "This service is turned off by your Administrator" or something similar if you attempt to use a Google service that is currently unavailable with your SUNY Plattsburgh account. This is normal and we will notify users when we have decided to add new services and open up new levels of apps.

That being said, we encourage you to use, experiment with, and enjoy your new Cardinal Cloud account to fullest. The possibilities are endless; and we believe the campus community now has a new set of tools to take their work, education, and communication to the next level.

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