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Can I import my current contact list from the old webmail?

If you have contacts in webmail then migrating them into Cardinal Cloud is a snap. Once the migration process has started you'll have the option to download a copy of your contacts if you have any in webmail. Once downloaded you can import them into Cardinal Cloud with a few mouse clicks.

  1. To begin log into the migration tool here. If you've already started the migration process you will be presented with a progress screen.
    (Note that you will only see the webmail contacts section if you do indeed have contacts stored in webmail.)

  2. Click on the "Get Contacts" button to download a file with all your webmail contacts. It is not recommended that this file be edited as the import process requires specific formatting to work properly.

  3. Once you've downloaded the CSV(Comma Separated Values) file with your contacts you can begin the import process in Cardinal Cloud. Log into email at email.plattsburgh.edu and select the "Contacts" option. At first you'll find an empty contacts list.

  4. You can import your contacts list by either clicking the "Import Contacts" link in the left hand navigation or by clicking the "more" button and selecting the Import option. Each option will present you with a file selection screen.

  5. In the file chooser you will need to browse to the location where you saved your webmail contact list. Select the list file and click the open button to begin the import. (All browsers use similar file choosers.)

  6. Once you have imported the contacts your screen will show a list of newly created contacts. The images below show the new contacts in Cardinal Cloud and the contacts as they exist in webmail. Lists stored in webmail will be imported into Cardinal Cloud as groups with new group headings created in the navigation menu on the left. One main group titled "Imported (DATE)" will also be created and contains all the imported contacts (this group can be deleted or renamed without affecting contacts).

    (Note that in this example there are two types of webmail contacts. The first and last contact in webmail are groups while the second and third are individuals.)

  7. If you do not wish to keep the imported group simply select the group from the navigation menu on the left and click the "more" button. In the drop-down choose "delete group" and the group will be removed from the list on the left. The contacts in the group will remain in "My Contacts" or they will be moved into "Other Contacts" but they will not be deleted. The group can also be renamed if desired.

  8. If any groups were imported they should be checked for duplicate entries. Click on the imported groups and follow the highlighted prompt at the top of the list to merge contacts.

One More Thing!

Cardinal Cloud uses labels to determine how contacts are stored. Labels are added to contacts while they are being imported and it's through those labels that groups are created. Altering or removing labels does not affect the underlying contact and when contacts from plattsburgh.edu are imported they are mated to their directory entry which cannot be affected by any user changes.

Please contact the helpdesk at (518)564-4433 or here with any questions.

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