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SUNY Plattsburgh Personal Antivirus Installation

SUNY Plattsburgh no longer has an active license for antivirus software that can be installed on personal or home machines. We have an enterprise version of Malwarebytes that is used on campus machines and is centrally managed. You may contact the Computing Helpdesk at x4433 if you have any questions about this enterprise software.

If you came here looking for an antivirus solution that you can install on your personal or home computer, newer versions of the Windows operating system (since Windows 8 and enhanced in Windows 10) has antivirus and antimalware software built right in. In many cases, this software is sufficient for normal protection. Should you want to increase your protection, or you are running older versions of windows, there are several free options available for download. Note that SUNY Plattsburgh does not endorse nor support these antivirus solutions. 

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