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Assault and Sexual Violence: Myths & Facts

Myth: It could never happen to me

Reality: Any person, of any age, gender, race, class, physical ability, occupation, sexual orientation, or physical appearance can be sexually or physically assaulted.

Myth: Sexual assault is committed in dark alleys by strangers

Reality: Most people who are assaulted know the person who assaulted them. On college campuses, the most common locations for assault are within residence halls.

Myth: Only women are sexually assaulted and only men are perpetrators

Reality: While most crimes reported are assaults against women and while the majority of perpetrators are male, it is important to know that a very small percentage of men ever commit sexual violence (less than 6%). Also, transgender individuals, as well as men are also victims of these crimes, as women are also perpetrators of these crimes. It is also important to identify that gender is fluid and that when we focus on the binary (male/female) as the either/or scenario, we are not comprehensively highlighting issues of violence or validating the experiences of all individuals in our community.

Myth: Someone who was drunk and sexually assaulted is to blame

Reality: People who are assaulted are never responsible for the assault despite what they drank.

Myth: False assault reports are common

Reality: Only 2-8% of reports are false. The same as any other reportable crime, such as burglary.

Myth: A person can’t say “no” midway

Reality: A person can revoke consent at ANY time for ANY reason. And under affirmative consent, the individual initiating sexual activity must get ongoing affirmative consent "yes."

Myth: An intimate partner (i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc.) cannot assault a partner

Reality: Relationship status or previous sexual engagement does not give someone the right to engage in sexual activity or intercourse with another without consent for each individual interaction.


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