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Title IX Annual Report to Counsel (2014-2015)

25 June 2015

Two reviews of reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence cases, 2 February 2015 and 29 May 2015.

Attendees: Lynda Ames (Title IX Coordinator), Arlene Sabo (Chief, University Police), Bryan Hartman (VP Student Affairs), Steve Matthews (Res Life), Larry Allen (Judicial Affairs) Jim Sherman (Residence Life), Butterfly Blaise (in-coming Title IX Coordinator, spring meeting only).

Verbal Sexual Harassment

Number of Reports: 11

  • 7 Informal staff on staff; informal resolutions.
  • 1 Formal complaint staff on staff, letter in personnel file.
  • 1 Formal complaint staff on staff, respondent dismissed (being appealed).
  • 1 Informal student on staff.
  • 1 Informal student on student, informal resolution.

Sexual Violence/Sexual Assault

Number of Reports: 15

  • 2 referred to student conduct board; 1 not responsible
  • 1 found responsible and dismissed from college

Others, victim/survivor did not wish to pursue; not enough evidence to pursue without victim statement. In all cases, victim/survivor offered appropriate services, accommodations.

Sex Discrimination Based on Pregnancy

  • None

Other Sex Discrimination

  • None

Patterns or Trends

  • None detected

Actions Taken in Response to Trends

  • N/A

Campus Climate Assessment (2014)

  1. A survey was distributed to all registered students via Survey Monkey in September 2014.
  2. The instrument was taken from the White House web site, “Not Alone.” Since we were rolling out a bystander intervention program, we asked students about their willingness to intervene in certain circumstances and their opinion about other students’ willingness to intervene. Again, the questions were taken from those recommended on “Not Alone.”
  3. Notable results:
    • Of our approximately 6000 students, 1,225 (about 20%) responded.  Relatively more women than men responded, and a greater proportion of our female students responded.
    • When asked if sexual violence was a problem on campus, only about a third circled 4 or 5 (strongly agree); another third circled 3 on the five-point scale; the rest circled 1 or 2 (disagree that this was a problem).

      Clearly, we need more education on this topic for our students.
    • Less than 15% reported that they were involved with activities aimed at reducing sexual violence on campus.
    • Yet, significant majorities said that they would speak up or act if they witnessed what seemed like a dangerous situation, or if there were inappropriate jokes or comments made.
    • Respondents reported that their fellow students would also act, though they expected less intervention from others than from themselves
  4. Proposed Actions. We continue our education programs for incoming students, in the residence halls, for athletes, for sororities and fraternities. We continue our bystander intervention efforts.
  5. Input was solicited by Title IX Coordinator, both this year and last.

Contact Information

Butterfly Blaise
Title IX Coordinator
Office: Hawkins 151
Phone: (518) 564-3281
Email: [email protected]